Community  Life

Bahá’í teachings are about the oneness of mankind, the abolition of prejudice, the equality of men and women, the importance of justice, a dedication to service, and the requirement of kindness, generosity of spirit, and devotion to God. These have little meaning if they are not developed and demonstrated in the laboratory of everyday life.

The Surrey Bahá’í Community, like Bahá’í communities everywhere is one of those laboratories where the members of the community endeavour, individually and collectively to develop those spiritual attributes identified by Bahá’u’lláh and the great spiritual Teachers of the past.

The Surrey Bahá’í Community provides many opportunities for the development of spiritual characteristics as it gathers on a regular basis to consult about community matters, celebrate holy days, deepen the spiritual understanding of its members, worship and good old-fashioned fellowship. Study circles, devotional gatherings and children’s classes are among the core activities.

As well as gatherings of the whole community, there are associations for children, junior youth, business people, young professionals and students, among others.

The monthly calendar can tell you more about some of the gatherings and meetings. Should any of your questions about activities not be answered by the calendar, please don't hesitate to click on 'contact us'.